08 Sep 2018

ELMC Launches Level-Funded MGU in partnership with Actuarial Strategies & Tactics and Allied National

New York, New York – September 7th, 2018 – ELMC Risk Solutions (ELMC) announced today that it has partnered in a new Managing Group Underwriter (MGU), AST Risk, focusing on Level-Funded medical stop loss in the small group market. In partnership with level funded industry experts, Actuarial Strategies & Tactics (AST) and Allied National. AST Risk will serve Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and Program Managers by providing a comprehensive solution to support a select group of partners that focus on small group Level-Funded programs.

AST Risk will be lead by John Gedney, who has deep experience in bringing new employee benefits solutions to the market. “As Managing Director, John will apply his expertise in self – funding with his product distribution acumen attained through his successful endeavors with companies such as Oxford Health Plans, OnlineBenefits and Liazon”, says ELMC’s CEO, Richard Fleder.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Bernie Erickson (AST) and Bill Ashley (Allied National). Both have career-long experience in the TPA-driven small group medical insurance market and have seized upon level funded opportunities created by passage of the ACA, re-tooling their approach to this small employer market. Our partners will obtain unique competitive advantages in their own markets, marrying the solutions they already bring to their clients with our proprietary stop – loss process”, said Gedney.

Bernie Erickson, principal of AST, goes on to say “My thirty years’ experience in managing small group medical programs and developing sound underwriting and actuarial approaches that make sense for effective small program management has convinced me that an MGU focusing on the proper approach to Level-Funded is necessary to successfully serve this growing alternative approach to small group health plan financing. AST Risk will ensure, with the combined expertise of my firm, ELMC and Allied National, that our TPAs partners and risk takers achieve their desired results – competitive, viable and sustainable Level-Funded programs. Bill Ashley added “My experience in small group Level-Funding leads me to believe that there is tremendous pent up demand for an MGU focusing on this specialized area of employer stop – loss, and we are extremely excited to bring AST Risk to the market as a solution for TPAs and Program Managers interested in serving this segment.”

For more information about AST Risk contact John Gedney at jgedney@astrisk.com or (516)456-8325

About ELMC
ELMC owns, manages and seeks to acquire premier MGUs across the nation that specialize in underwriting medical stop – loss insurance for self-funded health plans. ELMC provides a best in class platform for delivering medical stop-loss solutions to brokers, Third Party Administrators, carriers and clients.

About Actuarial Strategies & Tactics
Actuarial Strategies & Tactics is an actuarial and insurance consulting firm that focuses on small group insurance and self-insurance products and programs, including many types of specialty medical products. We partner with our clients and create long-lasting relationships through our commitment to customized data-driven decision making, aligned incentives, and face-to-face interaction.

About Bill Ashley
Bill is CEO of Allied National, an administrative organization that works with major national insurance companies providing quality benefit plans for employers and individual since 1970. As a family owned company, we take pride in its history of fast and friendly service to its customers. Allied National’s personal services sets it apart from large, traditional companies in the industry.