01 Jun 2019

IOA announces the retirement of Charles Place, Jr. Director of Underwriting

MyHealthGuide Source: ELMC, 6/1/2019

New York, NY-IOA Re, LLC (“IOA”) the primary underwriter of ELMC Risk solutions, LLC, (“ELMC”) has announced the retirement of Charles H. Place, Jr. (Chuck), Director of Underwriting for IOA Re, effective September 22, 2019.
Chuck has spent more than 40 years in the insurance industry, 34 of those years with IOA, Serving as Executive Vice President and Director of Medical Stop Loss and Excess Medical Underwriting. During his tenure, Chuck has enjoyed a reputation for honesty, skill and professionalism. Chuck’s dedication has been an inspiration to the employees and leaders of IOA. His guidance and mentorship has helped shape dozens of successful underwriters over his long and successful career.

Chuck’s insurance career began in the mailroom at INA in Philadelphia. From that early start, he moved through the ranks quickly, rising to senior underwriting positions at INA, CNA and CignaRe. In addition to his duties managing IOA’S Stop loss portfolio, Chuck has strengthened IOA’S relationship with numerous stop loss and reinsurance carriers.
IOA Re’s President, John O. Parker, has worked alongside Chuck for 31 years. ”Chuck’s personal and professional contributions to IOA are too numerous to list. He not only guided my thinking as a leader and a manager but taught me valuable lessons. We complemented each other’s styles and developed a professional synergy that I will miss deeply. We went through some wonderful times and battled through some extremely challenging issues. He will be remembered as a dedicated, genuine and thoughtful leader. Chuck will be missed by many, but we all wish him and his family the very best in this next chapter of his life.”

Parker’s sentiments are seconded by Richard J. Fleder, President and CEO OF ELMC. “I have been fortunate to get to know Chuck over the past three years. He is recognized throughout the industry as one of the very best at what does. His steady guidance and in-depth knowledge of the business has been a real asset to ELMC. We will miss him.”

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