These companies are:
Actuarial Strategies and Tactics (AST)

Actuarial Strategies & Tactics is an actuarial and insurance consulting firm that focuses on small group and specialty medical products, acknowledged by the industry to be the toughest medical insurance markets. We partner with our clients and create long – lasting relationships through our commitment to sharing risk, aligning incentives and face – to – face interaction.

Allied National

Allied National is one of the nation’s oldest and most experienced third party administrators. We strive to be the first choice for self-funded group health products for small employers. We work hard to exceed the expectations of agents, employers and members through fast, friendly service. Our proprietary underwriting system is unique in the market and supports accurate initial pricing of Level – Funded programs for small employers.

ELMC Risk Solutions, LLC. (ELMC)

More than ever, the job of the broker, consultant and administrator is to ensure that clients have the coverage necessary to take advantage of the benefits of self – funding while avoiding the financial risks. The ELMC companies are built to deliver innovative, high – performance stop loss, reinsurance, and risk consulting products to avoid the financial risks.

ELMC partner companies combined resources deliver smart stop loss solutions, claims management, and support services. Together, we have nearly 100 years of experience as stop loss providers and purchasers. Our in – depth understanding of employer needs makes our MGUs the first choice of brokers, TPAs and employers nationwide.


Insurance Resources & Auditing Services, Inc. (IR&AS) is a division of IOA Re, an ELMC member company.  IR&AS is a professional auditing and insurance services company created by industry experts for insurers, reinsurers, managed care organizations, third party administrators and self-insured employers. IR&AS specializes in all aspects of insurance and reinsurance auditing and administrative services. Additionally, IR&AS offers technology solutions, strategies and support.

We offer comprehensive administration and auditing services, or can assist with a specific function. IR&AS specializes in the following areas:

  • Administrative Services
  • Auditing
  • Run – off Management
  • Technology Solutions