About CM Risk Management
(A Division of IOA Re)

Who We Are?


CM Risk Management Services underwrites and manages Specific and Aggregate Stop Loss products and services in self-insured groups on behalf of its insurance carrier partners.

Collectively, our management team has over 60 years of self-insurance and Taft-Hartley/Labor and Public experience. 

Why CM Risk Management?


  • Direct access to decision makers
  • Collaborative, consultative, and team approach
  • Prompt service and turnaround
  • Experienced Underwriting 
  • Flexible Medical Stop Loss contract
  • Seasoned Claims and Medical Management
  • Equitable rates

Our Team

Arlene Cayetano


Executive Vice President & General Manager
Mobile 317-771-1399


  Ms. Cayetano has approximately 30+ years of employee benefits underwriting and senior management experience. She has had an estimated 25+ years of underwriting, claims, marketing, sales, and operations leadership roles for both Managing General Underwriters and direct Stop Loss carriers.  Her most recent experience was with Greymatter Risk Management, LLC in the capacity of President and CEO. Prior to that, she was with AIG Benefit Solutions as the Vice President of Underwriting. Arlene has served the Board of various employee benefits organizations. She was also the President and an active member of the Board of the Group Underwriters Association of America, Inc. for six years and remains an active member of various industry-related organizations. Arlene is a driver, strategic thinker, and has an entrepreneurial spirit with ability to articulate an inspiring vision of the future and lead others through change. Her highly effective leadership skills continue to establish a track record of progressive accomplishments.

Jim McEntee


Senior Vice President of Sales
Mobile 770-280-5270


  Mr. McEntee has approximately 30+ years of sales and business development experience with Taft-Hartley/Labor and Public sectors. His most recent experience was with Greymatter Risk Management Services, LLC as the Executive Vice President of Sales. Prior to that, Jim has held the leadership roles of the Vice President of Taft-Hartley Sales for AIG and Vice President of Taft-Hartley Sales for HCC Life. He also held leadership sales positions with Pacific Mutual Group, Safeco, and Stop Loss International. Throughout his entire career, Jim has initiated, developed, and serviced significant blocks of Taft-Hartley/Labor and Public sector business. His tenure specifically in this space is one of a kind and has built a tremendous following of trusted advisors, clients, consultants, and contacts.