Built Better Smarter

At ELMC we start with superior expertise. We’ve been around this block more times than most, and we’ve learned quite a few things. One of those things is that experience is valuable, but it is not in and of itself, enough to serve evolving risk markets. After all, ELMC’s mission is developing the products and services that will meet the risk challenges our clients will face sometime in the future. Our clients’ needs are constantly evolving. So is ELMC.

To be effective we have added innovation and creativity to build on our experience. The family of companies that are ELMC Risk Solutions combines medical stop loss, Rx stop loss and strategic consulting expertise in unique and new ways that better serve our clients’ now and in the future.

Our Products

  • Rx Stop Loss

  • HMO Reinsurance

  • Medical Stop Loss Coverage

  • Medical Excess Reinsurance

  • Risk Consultation

We offer highly flexible coverage designs

at multiple deductible points for self-insured groups and associations

ELMC selects and combine best-in-class services

from our family of companies to deliver:

  • Better Rates

  • Better Protection

  • Better Year-Over-Year Cost Management

  • Better Service Experience