During these unsettling times, Rockport Benefits has decided to close the office site for the foreseeable future. We are thankful that we have the infrastructure which allows our staff to work from home and expect minimal service interruption.

You will have the ability to reach us via email or mobile phone or office voicemail.

In terms of Policyholder coverage, we are poised to honor the following plan changes/recommendations as applicable:

  • Waiver of deductibles, co-pays and cost-sharing with respect to COVID-19 testing
  • Allowance of early 30-day prescription refills under the stop loss policy
  • 100% coverage for COVID-19 immunization should one become available
  • Waiver of pre-authorization for COVID-19 testing

We can accept a formal amendment or a notice on group letterhead.

With respect to Actively at Work provisions, we will consider Plan members who were actively at work the day before the closure of the business actively at work. We will reassess as warranted.

We request that any changes to the Plan’s Extended Leave Policy with respect to COVID 19 be submitted in writing directly to claims@rockportbenefits.com. Formal amendments are not required.

We are here for our trusting partners and sincerely hope you all continue in good health as we remain optimistic for a swift end to this impactful crisis.

Should you have additional questions or concerns, please contact myself or Heidi Herlihy directly.

Stay well.

Amy Argeros
Managing Director

Heidi Herlihy
Managing Director