Going above and beyond to help health plans manage their most complex cases.

Cost Containment

The Sequoia Branch Program is a value added platform designed to assist health plans in the preservation and protection of their plan assets as well as provide creative expertise and solutions to address high-risk cases. The Branch team is staffed by thought leaders who have extensive experience providing expert consultative risk analysis and management of complex or catastrophic cases ensuring plan growth and prosperity.

As your risk management advisor, we identify areas of risk and explore strategies to address the significant challenges with your plan’s risk. We then implement a specific program designed to serve as a risk solutions foundation to shelter and support your business. Our strategically focused real-world solutions achieve optimal clinical and financial results on a case or program specific basis. Since each client has unique needs based on the maturity of its markets and the demographics of its patients, the Branch Program can be tailored to address the diverse challenges specific to each health plan.