Lower Pharmacy Spend

Tesser Rx lets you drive Rx cost savings and improve medication compliance.


Our predictive analytics and behavior modification platform has three modules:

Communicate to members

personalized Rx saving opportunities.

Identify key indicators and probability

of medication non-compliance.

Determine which employees are at risk

and coordinate care.

Save Money with Tesser Rx

Provide your employees with a solution to reduce rising out-of-pocket costs. Tesser Rx can reduce your pharmacy by up to 26%. Learn how we helped the Top Healthiest Employer of 2017 save.

Find out how our consumer centric approach to Rx lowers
spend for companies all across the US.

Tesser Rx for Brokers

Our tools are specifically designed to give you an edge.
Find out how platform can help you better consult.


Tesser Rx for Self-Insured Employers

We use data, behavioral science, and consumer/physician
engagement to drive down pharmacy spend.


“It is saving my clients, on average, 20%+ on pharmacy spend without
changing TPA’s, PBM’s or even altering copays or formularies.”

David Contorno


“Tesser Health advocates for individuals to take more of a consumer-like approach
to managing their health that can lead to savings and better health outcomes.”

Neil Godbey

CEO, Advanced Plan for Health

“Our employees value Tesser Health because it shows them how to easily lower their
out-of-pocket costs. We also love it because it reduces our health care costs!”

Jennifer Rendfrey

Wellness Director, WellNext

“It was so simple to save money with Tesser Health. I received a savings recommendation,
made a switch and picked up the new prescription at my pharmacy.”




“Tesser Health helps self-insured employers lower their medication spend.
It gives brokers a tool to manage prescription drug costs.”


Craig Hasday

Vice President at Frenkel

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